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What makes Barre Instructor Training different from other Barre Courses?

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

This week I had a call regarding our Course and she asked “What makes your Barre Instructor Training different from other Barre Courses? Great question!

And it really made me stop and think – why IS our course different and why should you choose us…

For me it comes down to 3 key reasons:

Barre Instructor Training Why choose us

1. You walk away with confidence to both create and run effective barre classes.

Our course is not about learning a syllabus of classes – it is about learning how to create a class and teach it.  You learn what makes a great barre Instructor – the tips & tricks to create and teach a challenging and effective class. You focus on ensuring the classes are results-oriented and ensuring clients are feeling the burn!

2. The course was created from a multi-disciplined approach with expert trainers.

Utilising the skills of professionals from a variety of disciplines including a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, a professional dancer and Pilates and fitness professionals, the Course incorporates the expertise from these multi-disciplines.

The course content is then taught by the best of the best J Alicia and Clair are extremely experienced Instructors and Trainers. They are both practising Barre Instructors and run Studios so they understand what makes a great class, how to challenge their students and what it takes to get the best out of their teams. They have both create amazing communities in their Studios through their professionalism, warmth and expertise.

3. We know what makes a great Class.

We run studios around Australia and we know what students like and dislike. We know what works in practise and after every Course we tweak to ensure the course continually improves and meets the needs of our Students. The small class sizes means we can address your individuals concerns and needs throughout the course. What to know more? Give me a call on 1800 672 606 – I would love to chat and discuss whether Barre Instructor Training is right for you.

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