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Barre Trainer Story: Claire

Claire is a professional dancer who completed bare instructor Course with us. Here is her experience with Barre Instructor Training.

Q: Was the course what you expected? Yes - it covered all bases. I left feeling liked I had ticked everything off my list of things I wanted to learn.


Q: How has your perspective changed now that you’ve completed training? I now understand client limitations better and know how tobetter assist with corrections and variations. 

Q: What did you think you would struggle with most after the Course. And do you still struggle with this? I thought I would find it hard to plan classes on my own. I now find that I have the tools to plan with confidence.

Q: What do you think you excelled at the most? Understanding the anatomy of the body and the functions of the muscles in specific movements.

Q: What inspired you the most?  Alicia's approach to teaching. She was really knowledgable but had an easy and comfortable approach to class. 

Q: What do you believe was the best aspect of the course? And the most Challenging? Alicia's anatomical knowledge was so accurate and insightful, I really enjoyed her method of delivery. 

Most challenging aspect was learning all the variations and modifications clients might need. Trying to understand what modification or correction someone might need.

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