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ALICIA HARVIE, Master Trainer, Barre Instructor and Studio Director

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Barre Instructor Training Master Trainer

How did you get started in Barre Training?

I had just returned to Adelaide from working on a Dance Project in The Netherlands and I was looking for something different that blended my years Pilates teaching and my professional dance skills and it happened to be the exact time that Aleenta BARRE was launching in Adelaide and I knew it was the perfect combination of my skills.

Why Aleenta BARRE?

I love that at Aleenta it is a the Tender’s job to not just be a fitness teacher but also a wellness coach. To look at the individual’s bodies and how they can best access the movements of barre, how people can join the community and find friends and extra support and also all the extras like the workshops in healthy and wellness and the juice shot and mediation at the end of every class.

Favourite thing you like about your job?

I love feeling fit and being paid to stay fit teaching. I love that for me, the movements of barre help to strengthen my body for the dance show that I perform in and prevent injuries especially in between contracts.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a trainer in the industry?

I would advise trainers to no take short cuts on your own technique. Get to as many classes in barre and of different barre styles and if you can master it on your own body then you know the experience that barre provides for a student.

Favourite meal post work out? or pre work?

Oh I just love coffee. When your on a high post teaching a class and having fun with lovely students and then you get to sit and have an another eutrophic moment drinking a great coffee. That’s my thing.

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