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Making sure your Students are getting the most out of your barre class...

1. Make sure they have good technique

Good technique keeps students safe and ensures that they are working the correct areas of the body. Less, correct reps are more effective than many reps with poor technique. The quality of movement is important.

2. Ensure they are listening to you

Ensure you provide muscle and alignment cues and corrections during class. This ensures they are connecting to the right muscles and working the correct muscles during each exercise.

3. Get a commitment from them

Make sure they are committed to every rep and every exercise and work with intention in every class. They are in class for just under an hour, so ensure they are dedicated. Ask them to leave other thoughts and worries behind and commit to the workout.They need to be present.

4. Make sure they ask questions

Always let them know that you are free after class if they have any questions or queries. It is your job to ensure they feel comfortable and challenged.

5. Keep in challenging

Shake up the workout! Try a larger weight, go lower, pulse deeper. Challenging them is the only way to improve.

6. Make sure they celebrate progress

Set achievable, realistic goals. Once they reach a milestone, ensure you celebrate with them :)

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