What you will learn during
Barre Instructor Training

This course teaches you everything you need to know about barre technique and creating barre classes so you can confidently teach barre.

​Even more importantly, there is a strong focus on teaching you HOW TO TEACH and how to be a BETTER trainer.

We pride ourselves on giving you a strong focus on class delivery and class design. Most courses expect you to learn this during “work placement” but in reality work placement doesn’t let you teach, only observe. In this course, we will maximise teaching practice and provide valuable feedback and assessment.

Why spend more hours in a course than you need to? This course is intense, but equips you with everything you need to excel as a trainer in
Barre Fitness.

The class delivery techniques learned will apply to class teaching for yoga and Pilates as well.The program is specifically designed to be clear, complete and engaging - it is informative, easy to follow and FUN!


Each unit includes a detailed instructional manual with photos/ illustrations, as well as an instructional video and an interactive quiz at the end of each chapter. You will learn the concepts visually and will see them physically demonstrated. Then you will test your understanding to make sure you really get the concepts.

Curriculum Outline

  • The Ballet behind Barre


  • Principles of the body and exercise in barre


  • Classic Barre exercises

  • DOMS/recovery and Pregnancy


  • Class design and planning, and teaching touchpoints


  • Class delivery assessments

Course Inclusions

This in-depth training program teaches the foundations of effective teaching, alignment principles and barre repertoire that will give you confidence as a Trainer in barre:

  • Basic barre and ballet anatomy and terminology

  • Barre alignment principles

  • Repertoire of classic barre exercises

  • Teaching practice and guidance

  • Formatting and sequencing design practice

  • Hands on adjustment practise

  • Cueing and verbal instruction practice

  • Pregnancy modifications

  • Adjusting for beginners and advanced students

  • Teaching style and delivery technique

  • Daily mediation and stretch to conclude the day

  • Aleenta BARRE's Technique Masterclass Video (RRP $22) and Blend @ Home Video (RRP $29)

  • 1 x Formal teaching assessment, group and individual mentoring and feedback

  • A hearty delicious, nutritious vegan lunch on the final day to celebrate with your class peers 

  • Acces to communicate with your Trainer 2 weeks pre and post your course to answer any questions.